Free Speech TV Satellite DISH Network Channel 9415 and Dirict TV Channel 348
The most recent of film documentary on Artist G. Mark Mulleian on Positive Spin, a national news magazine aired on Free Speech TV via Satellite DISH Network
and Direct TV, reaching 40 million homes nationwide, and is carried on 183 Cable access stations nationally. In this half hour Documentary documentarian Damon Molloy
and producer Bill McCarthy, host of Positive Spin, introduce one of the finest half hour documentaries “Analysis and Review of an Artist’s Work, G. Mark Mulleian”
by art curator and author Paul Deegan. Deegan reveals the hidden meanings behind Mulleian's paintings, including his most powerful work Dies Irae, a prophetic
view of nuclear disaster and environmental devastation, with hopes of the raising of peoples consciousness, human potentials and possibilities.
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