Television transcript of Mulleian's messages
This half hour biographical documentary special focuses on Mulleian's paintings, techniques and philosophy towards art and life. The artist will also deliver an insightful message of world peace, including an enlightening perspective in understanding the comprehensive purpose of heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality and the interrelationship of each to the other within the grand design of nature.
Insightful, mysterious and controversial, his style is called Transrealism, a perspective from which the artist observes all of the refined elements that our life here on earth have to offer through powers that he calls trans-mental observation, a faculty he believes every one of us has.
His extraordinary attention to detail and vast range of subject matter challenged the art establishment, tempted leading art critics and divided committee members of art academies throughout the 1970s. It was in the area of individual sexual expression that Mulleian’s outspoken views drew the attention of the FBI to the front door of the artist's studio in an investigation into his controversial and challenging commentary of aspects of fundamental social values.