"Day After Summer", depicting the ending of an enchanting summer in Chico California of 1953. Painting by G. Mark Mulleian.
This extraordinary painting, entitled, “Day After Summer” gives a new meaning to realism, of such magnificent completeness. His astonishing attention to detail is unmatched in the world of art today. Here the artist poses questions relating to time, its nature, meaning, and passage, with a view toward learning of time’s effects upon our inner experience of living.
A skate left abandon, lies leisurely to a hypnotic summer breeze, as innocence releases its grip from the distant sounds of children, as life to death foreshadowed in a fallen toy soldier, reposing within a world of trust in an era of unquestioning belief, emblemized in a coca cola bottle cap of a post war era, fades into the seasons, in fallen leaves.
A ball invites a game of jacks with only a single jack, a precursor of things to come, prismatic light in the memories
of a passing day that still play under shaded trees.